Here’s How Skylights Can Help You Get LEED Certified
If you’re a commercial builder or property owner seeking LEED certification for your green building, Daylight and views, sometimes called “daylighting,” is probably one of the main areas you’re seeking credits. Skylights can help meet this standard by offering daylight to building occupants even in parts of the structure where windows may not be an option.

The goal of this credit is to connect occupants with the outdoors and support circadian rhythms, while decreasing energy use by letting natural light replace electric light. Skylights do all of these, but as an experienced commercial roofing company can tell you, choosing the wrong skylight or installing it incorrectly can cost time and money. Here’s how to ensure you’re making the best skylight choice.

Match the Warranties

When choosing skylights, check the warranty. The average is five years, but some are warrantied for as little as 12 months. Replacing a skylight before a roof’s warranty is up can void or shorten the roof’s warranty, depending on the manufacturer. The goal is to match, as closely as possible, the warranty on the roof to the warranty of the skylight.

Interview Roofers About Installation Techniques
When you choose the commercial roof for your green building, look as closely at the roofing company as the roof, itself. Interview the company about their installation techniques, particularly where skylights are concerned. If they use the 1980s “sandwich” technique, know that the skylight will be prone to leaking as the roof ages. Seek out a company that uses up-to-date installation techniques, which prevent layer separation and roof leaks.
Choose the Right Skylight

One skylight isn’t the same as another. The goal with daylighting is to reduce energy use while increasing the amount of sunlight coming into the building. Look for skylights that maximize sunlight while minimizing heat transfer, hot spots and glare. Many also come with UV coating to reduce the amount of damaging rays entering the building.

Whatever LEED ranking you’re going for – Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum – skylights can help you achieve your goal. At Highland Commercial Roofing, we can help make sure your skylights are properly installed the first time, saving you time and money, and ensuring that the roof of your green building functions properly for years to come.