How Restoring a Commercial Metal Roof Can Save Money
Leaks, rust, ponding, Blow-offs – if you have a metal roof on a commercial building that is reaching the end of its useful service, you’re probably more familiar with these issues than you’d like to be.

Commercial buildings deteriorate over time, and metal roofs are no exception. Although these problems may seem insurmountable, there are several products on the market that have been designed to tackle issues related to aging metal roofs. If you’re tired of making repair after repair or worried about the high cost of roof replacement, consider restoring the roof instead.

Restoring a commercial roof can extend its life, sometimes for decades, and restoring your metal roof also gives you the opportunity to install a white roof system, which the EPA considers a cool roof. This type of roof is preferred in Sunbelt states because it reflects the sun’s heat, reducing solar heat gain and making buildings more energy efficient.

In one metal roof restoration project, we were able to restore an entirely metal roof that had extensive surface rust; leakage around the seams, mechanical equipment and skylights; as well as a failing gutter system. The roofing system used on this project is specifically designed for metal roofs, and it permanently sealed the leaks and eliminated the rust issues.

All roofing systems deteriorate over time. The effort, expense and hassle of ongoing maintenance can cost more than a roof replacement. Roof restoration gives building owners a cost-effective long-term alternative.

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