For those who work in the commercial roofing industry, the risks related to working in this profession are well-know. OSHA has shown that falls are the leading cause of death in the construction industry and that falls from roofs accounted for nearly 34 percent of the overall total. While most involved with the commercial roofing industry are aware of the dangers of the construction portion of commercial roofing, potential safety hazards from an improperly maintained commercial roof can also present dangerous situations for tenants and contract workers as well. Making sure that your commercial roof is properly maintained can help you answer the question of is your commercial roof dangerous? Is your commercial roof dangerous

The varied number of hazards related to an improperly maintained commercial roof can be numerous. A leaking commercial roof can cause water to pond within a building, leading to a slip and fall situation for a property visitor or tenant that can lead to serious injury. In addition, the lack of safety screens on skylights, improperly positioned or non-existent perimeter railings and buckled or torn seams and roofing components can lead to serious injury for service contractors or maintenance workers who are engaged in activity on a commercial roof. The team at Highland Commercial Roofing has worked throughout the Southwest to inspect and maintain commercial roofs that have been neglected to help minimize the risks associated for commercial building owners to lower risk factors that can make a commercial roof dangerous.

To protect service contractors who engage in work on a commercial roof, the American Society of Safety Engineers recommend a wide range of safety initiatives that should be incorporated to keep a commercial roof from being unsafe. These include safety monitoring systems that incorporate warning line systems, guardrails installed at perimeter edges and roof openings, as well as utilizing safety screens around skylights to avoid fall situations.

As referenced in a story in, a commercial roof averages only 5 percent of a commercial building’s construction cost, but commercial building roofs are the subject of more lawsuits than any other component of a commercial property. This litigation is not limited to accidents associated with occurrences on the roof of a building, but are also associated with damage related to interior components of a commercial building that may occur from leaking or degradation of the integrity of a commercial roof that has occurred over time.

While there is inherent risk related to a commercial roof that can be attributed to weather or other factors beyond control, many dangers related to commercial roof locations are often the result of poor maintenance and non-compliance with safety regulations. If you are concerned about the safety standards related to your commercial roof, the professionals at Highland Commercial Roofing can work with your commercial property to determine exist safety risks and incorporate maintenance updates that will protect the integrity of your property. Contact Highland Commercial Roofing today to learn more about our capabilities and experience for commercial roofing maintenance, repair and safety throughout the Southwest.