Ahhh, another day to be great and another week to start off on the right foot and achieve your goals! Mondays in August are filled with anticipation of another great football season, so its no coincidence this month our motivation is coming directly from the gridiron. Sit back, relax (if you can!), and enjoy the 5 most motivating speeches from between the hashes.

The Little Things Matter

Al Pacino brings us one of the most motivational speeches ever. As he points out, every inch matters, whether it’s the little things in life or on the football field. Al teaches us to approach every little thing in life with care, respect, and a tenacity to get the job done. A “broken warrior” is able to resurrect himself  and overcome any situation with a strong spirit and mind.

Hold The Rope

When we stick together, we win. That’s the point Coach Joe Headen impresses upon his team in Harrisburg, PA. Whether you want that promotion or simply want to succeed on the job, working together as a team is your best shot. Listen in as Coach Headen delivers a fantastic speech to his young men.

Effort Will Get You Where You Want To Go

 Hall of Fame Linebacker Ray Lewis spells it out perfectly- Effort beats talent every time. Ray’s passion can no doubt be felt every time he talks, but what makes this speech extra special is his focus on things we can each control and how, at the end of the day, effort is all we can put in. As you watch this, ask yourself, am I going to grind each day this week?

Trust. Commitment. Love.

Lou Holtz is no doubt one of the greatest and recognizable football coaches of all time. In his graduation speech to West Virginia University, Coach Holtz shares an inspirational story about his life, his choices, and his results. Born with little, Coach Holtz is a true testament to going to work each day with a smile on your face and the right intentions in your heart. So get out there this week and make the right choices, you’ll be amazed where the world will take you.


Every Day Matters

Coach Herm Edwards rolled into Tuscaloosa, Alabama to give the Crimson Tide an inspirational speech built on the values each person must have everyday to succeed. Showing up each day and playing for each other, our history, and our families will bring incredible results. When we forget ourselves and truly play for what surrounds us, the world will change.